Hey There and Welcome to The Whole Herd!

Here are a few policies that must be met in order to continue carrying our products! These policies are here to protect ours and our customers' brands! 


Minimum Order:

We do not have an opening order minimum, however we do have a per product MOQ. ALL MOQs must be met on EVERY product. We keep the MOQs low so we will not allow these to be broken. On every product except graphic tees you may mix colors/styles. On graphic tees it is pick your size so you can order open packs!

Processing Time

Our standard processing time currently is 10-14 business days. For custom orders, processing time is 14-21 business days. If you order regular products with custom please be prepared for the full custom processing time for all orders. Please do not contact us before than asking the status of your order. We are working super hard to get everything out as quick as possible but everything is HAND MADE IN TEXAS! If we are unable to meet our processing time we will send you an email letting you know an estimated ship date, however, we are doing our very best to not exceed the time period. 

Returns and Exchanges

The only returns we will accept for full replacement are items that are damaged or have a manufactured defect. We will then replace with new merchandise of the exact same product that was returned. Please look the merchandise over well when receiving as we will not accept defected/damaged merchandise after 15 days of delivery. 

If you would like to exchange a product, we will offer store credit less a 10% restocking fee. The product must be in perfect unused/unworn condition. 

We do not allowing canceling of orders once they are placed as a vast majority of our products are made to order to allow the color variety that we have. 

Required Mark-Up

On all products except Engraved Rugs and Punchy Name Puzzles there is a required mark-up of 2X wholesale cost. All of our products are 100% genuine leather and are HAND MADE in Texas! They are worth every penny of the cost, I can guarantee if you emphasize the value and worth your customers will pay it without blinking an eye! 

There is ABSOLUTELY NO TOLERANCE for Buy-In Groups. If you run one, PLEASE DO NOT request to sell our products. ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE SOLD AT THE REQUIRED RETAIL PRICE. 

Running/Using Our Pictures

You most definitely can use or run our pictures, however, all pictures MUST be watermarked. You are free to cover our logo up with your own (most customer put a box over ours and put their logo on it). However it is a requirement to have a watermark on every photo that you use of ours so PLEASE DO NOT CROP THE WATERMARK OUT!

Quality of Our Products 

The majority of our products are handmade leather goods. Due to the nature of our production methods and the naturally unique finishes, textures, colors, wrinkles and markings characteristic to these products, each product may vary slightly. Some products may have brands, small markings where the animal was injured, etc. It is part of what makes genuine leather so incredible. There is a story behind every piece that holds so much history it is truly a gift to own and be a part of. So please keep that in mind when purchasing or running the products for pre-orders. Each one of our products has a one-of-a-kind unique natural beauty. 

Please call or email with any questions!
Welcome to the Herd Family!!