Point Rider Punchy Bags


 Point Rider Punchy Bags

Your favorite bag has arrived!!!! Printed Canvas of our hand painted art, genuine smooth leather and hair on hide, add hand cut fringe and a removable belt strap and you have everyone's favorite bag!! An Authentic Herd Design and handmade here in house ensures each one is not only unique, but one of a kind.  Please note that pattern placement will vary from bag to bag.

These measure about 12"x10" and are the perfect size for just about anything!

Please note that our brindle hides have a wide ranging color variation from light to dark and red to brown. Tooled leather straps will vary in design. 

Due to the nature of our production methods and the naturally unique finishes, textures, colors, wrinkles and markings characteristic to these products, each product may vary slightly. Some products may have brands, small markings where the animal was injured, etc.

MOQ 2 Mix and Match